I’m a Graphic Designer

I was born and raised in the Alps region in France, of Haute-Savoie, where I graduated in High School and University with a Retail and Marketing degree. Because I spent most of my time dreaming, I decided to travel the world and settled in London, UK for 8 years. I have learned everything about Graphic Design and more specifically Print Production thanks to an amazing opportunity in my former company. Today, I moved to the south of France and I feel confident and happy to offer my services to you.

Je suis née et j’ai grandis en Haute-Savoie, où j’ai également reçu mon BAC et mes diplomes universitaires en Vente et Marketing. Passant le plus clair de mon temps à rêver, j’ai décidé de partir voyager dans le monde, puis de poser mes baggages à Londres, au Royaume-Uni pendant 8 ans. J’ai tout appris du graphisme et plus particulièrement du Print grâce à une opportunité dans ma précédente entreprise. Aujourd’hui, je me suis installée dans le sud de la France, et je me sens prête et heureuse de vous proposer mes services.

À bientôt!

last reviews / derniers avis :

Émilie a réalisé plusieurs de mes outils de communication et notamment mes cartes de visite, elle est très a l’écoute et prends le temps de comprendre les besoins de ses clients. Ses travaux sont toujours très soignés jusqu’au moindre détail. Je recommande grandement Émilie pour toute personne ou entreprise ayant besoin d’une graphic designer de qualité et professionnelle.


I had the pleasure of working with Emilie for almost 3 years at MOO Print Ltd. I work in the business team with customers who need design assistance for their print stationary. Emilie assisted me with many projects for my clients and also worked on my mothers wedding invitations and menus which were the talk of the night as the designs were beautifully created! Emilie’s work ethic is amazing! She is one of the most diligent people I’ve ever worked with and was always willing to help and take on extra work so she could grow and learn new skills (she loves to challenge herself). I could always count on her to not only get the work done quickly but also trust that it would be completed in top quality without any problems. She was the main designer I would go to when she worked with me as I trusted the results would be great and that we could work together well on the design projects! Any company would be lucky to have her on board – I certainly miss having her around to help me and my customers! I wish Emilie nothing but the best of luck in her next role.


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